NESLI leadership course accredited by Australian Catholic University The National Excellence in School Leadership Institute’s (NESLI) Catholic Schools Middle Leadership Program is now formally accredited through the Australian Catholic University (ACU).
‘Brave’ new word for children in 2019 Uncertainty is plaguing the planet and that is reflected by Oxford University Press Australia & New Zealand selection of the 2019 Children’s Word of the Year: Bravery.
Future Proofing Our Response to Depression in the Young The Black Dog Institute is recruiting for its study Future Proofing, which is Australia’s largest-ever clinical trial into the effectiveness of mental health apps for preventing anxiety and depression in adolescents.
Regional students connect with local industry Now in its second year, the BrainSTEM Rural Innovation Challenge is giving students in Gippsland Vic an introduction to the type of skills that might be needed in a future job in the region's thriving food and fibre industries.
Early childhood teachers’ essential role in helping bushfire kids There are a lot of young children in tough places, their networks are limited and outside of family, early childhood teachers are the next line of defense for children with trauma.
Relief teachers need professional learning too Australian school students may be spending a year of their total schooling with a Casual or Relief Teacher (CRT), a new evidence summary says they need a lot more support.
Berwick Primary finds life lessons through performance Berwick Primary has been buzzing since its Wakakirri team beat out 290 schools to win the primary section of the story dance competition with their show Jack and the Giants.
Pop-up installation in Port Campbell shows shipwreck artefacts A free pop-up installation of artefacts recovered from shipwrecks along the infamous Shipwreck Coast at the historic Rocket Shed building in Port Campbell is open all month.
Get a STEM specialist in your school At the latest STEM in Schools program tour students at more than 300 schools heard directly from professionals who tackle national challenges as part of their work in STEM.
Caption Short
Caption Short
Internships boost young careers – more needed It has been called many things over the years but giving students work experience in their chosen field helps to launch careers. And while they are effective, internships are less common in Australia than they should be.
Digital frog helps Queensland schools cut out dissection New restrictions on use of cane toads prompts PETA to offer modern teaching tools that incorporate kindness in the curriculum.
Rates of peer aggression defeat anti-bullying initiatives Rising rates of bullying and decreasing student well-being amongst primary and secondary students need to be addressed with evidence based approaches.
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