The next generation of murderous students is graduating this year American schools and universities live in trepidation of the next student shooting. Shootings recording more than five deaths/injuries include Roseburg (Oregon); Parkland (Florida); Santa Fe (Texas); Flint (Michigan); Marshall County (Kentucky); and Los Angeles. The authors examine the case of Adam Lanza and the dreadful Sandy Hook massacre of young students and school staff, and they ask if more could be done to identify and re-socialise students who will potentially fall into the same trajectory as Adam Lanza. In Australia, Martin Bryant who committed the Port Arthur massacre,  provides an excellent cross-cultural comparison to Adam Lanza. 
Dr Neil MacNeill, Principal, Ellenbrook Primary School, Dr Steffan Silcox, Performance coach, Ray Boyd, Principal, West Beechboro Primary School
Most Oz students didn
Most Oz students didn't try at PISA
Most Australian students do not try on PISA Tests We make students do a lot of tests on top of their regular exams, the fact is that they could well be sick of it and are choosing to focus on the testing that effects them directly above programs like NAPLAN and PISA.
With Trevor Cobbold
Pasi Sahlberg – devices and disadvantage behind poor performance Many western countries have seen a decline in student performance and leading academic Pasi Sahlberg says they all share a common factor, the introduction of digital devices.
Maths and science decline can be defused Another PISA and there’s another round of concern around how badly the students are doing at maths, there are future consequences, dire ones, a workforce lacking maths proficiency is at a severe disadvantage.
Dancing towards a better school community Seven years into Hoppers Crossing Secondary College’s Story-Dance experience with Wakakirri there have been some noticeable changes at the school.
Caption Short
Caption Short
Internships boost young careers – more needed It has been called many things over the years but giving students work experience in their chosen field helps to launch careers. And while they are effective, internships are less common in Australia than they should be.
High ability students supported in Vic classrooms High ability students at all Victorian primary and secondary schools will be supported with extension programs through a $60.2 million investment by the Vic Labor Government.
Digital frog helps Queensland schools cut out dissection New restrictions on use of cane toads prompts PETA to offer modern teaching tools that incorporate kindness in the curriculum.
Atlantis Beach school’s off grid solution For a new college in WA with no connection to the grid and dependent on diesel generators, going solar was the right option.
Whittlesea tech School teams STEM students with industries of the future Whittlesea tech School teams STEM students with industries of the future. Its design supports transdisciplinary projects, critical thinking and the ability to prototype, iterate and pitch entrepreneurial solutions ‘just in time’.
Learn to code with Lanie Helena Ingram is the author of Lanie Learns to Code and the recent founder of Tuxedo Park Labs.  Her new children’s book, Lanie Learns to Code, will be launching on Kickstarter very soon.
Rates of peer aggression defeat anti-bullying initiatives Rising rates of bullying and decreasing student well-being amongst primary and secondary students need to be addressed with evidence based approaches.
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