Expert panel says Brightpath meets a national need There are not many Edtech start-ups that could hope to be identified as meeting a national need, but that is what has happened for Brightpath. 
Aussie Mum’s tech-tracking and safety company grows 600% and goes global  Australian tech startup, iStaySafe, have achieved a 600% increase in sales in recent years with the TicTocTrack tracking software and watch going global.
The eight reasons you don’t have solar panels on the roof of your school You already know that Australia now has over two million solar panel installations. You know that they’re getting cheaper every year. And you know how proud you’d feel to present your students and teachers with a lovely solar array.
Minecraft helps creativity The very thing that confounds older people about Minecraft is the key to its enhancing creativity in players; the open-ended nature of the game makes problem solving necessary which enhances inventiveness.
2019 NGS Super Scholarship awards winners This year’s NGS Super Scholarship award winning applications will see six recipients embark on a range of professional development courses focused on enriching teaching and learning
Social media a new influence on boys’ body expectations The deluge of images of fit, muscular men on social media is quite understandably influencing how young boys view themselves in the modern age.   Boys between nine and 10 years of age have been found to think that having ‘abs’ and a ‘six-pack’ provides a number of opportunities that may not otherwise be afforded to those without.
School swim programs floundering It’s summer soon and that means swimming but as it turns out many children won’t be fully water safe if they’re relying on school swim programs alone.
Prime Minister's Prizes for Science awarded soon The Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science are Australia’s most prestigious awards for outstanding achievements in scientific research, research-based innovation, and excellence in science teaching.
Tech and teens not so bad It’s been a common refrain; tech and social media are bad for teens’ mental health, but those assertions have been made without the backing of research largely and actual studies into the area have indicated that it might not be true.
F1 in schools goes to western Sydney TAFE NSW Mount Druitt hosted 40 students from across Western Sydney to compete in the Greater Western Sydney Regional F1 in Schools STEM Challenge.
100+ bright Bondi kids shine a light on PNG 115 Bondi Junction primary school students will be guided by volunteers from the Origin Foundation to build solar powered lights, providing new learning opportunities for children living in Papua New Guinea in energy poverty.
Principals want data and insights into teacher wellbeing The link between a school’s workforce and its results is often undervalued and overlooked and increasingly principals want data driven insight into teacher wellbeing which has a marked effect on student outcomes.
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